With Damien Martinez Leaving, What Are The Expectations Now For Oregon State?


Corvallis is questioning a lot right now. First it was Jonathan Smith leaving. Then it was Aidan Chiles leaving. Now it’s Damien Martinez leaving.

The Beavers seemed like they had Martinez committed to Trent Bray after Bray accepted the head coaching position. But Martinez has announced he will be transferring.

Angie Machado of Beaver Blitz joined the Bald Faced Truth with John Canzano to talk about what she knew about the Martinez transfer and if there were any rumors of it happening.

“I started hearing rumblings on Saturday night that this could be happening,” Machado said on 750 The Game. “Pete Thamel reports that he was being offered $400,000 to stay at Oregon State via NIL. Which is not chump change there. I don’t know if it’s a money issue. Until Damien speaks we won’t know.”

The timing is bad for the Beavers as well as they are still in the middle of spring practices. Machado has been covering spring practice and there are a couple things she noticed and has questions about the Beavers outside of the Martinez transfer.

“Quarterback to me is still a mystery and that’s where I’d like to see more growth,” said Machado. “It’s going to be interesting to watch Coach Gunderson in his first offensive coordinator position and Coach Bray as a first time head coach.”

It was hard to put a win total on the Beavers even if they had a healthy Martinez. Now without him what are the expectations? Machado talked about what the expectations should be.

“Honestly they have to win 9-10 games, if not more,” said Machado. “It’s not going to be an easy schedule, but if you talk to the coaches they feel that there is a path to win 11-12 games. I think a 9-10 win season is what they are shooting for. But I do think Oregon State needs to win 9-10 games to stay in that relevant picture.”

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