The Oregon Ducks Showed In The Spring Game That Their Quarterback Room Is Elite


The Oregon Ducks held their spring game on Saturday and there was a lot to take away.

One of the bigger moments fans wanted to see was the debut of new transfer quarterbacks Dillon Gabriel and Dante Moore. It was Dillon Gabriel who is thought to be the starting quarterback. John Canzano on the Bald Faced Truth talked about Gabriel’s performance in the spring game, and how it seems offensive coordinator Will Stein is already comfortable with him.

“I think that quarterback room, as a room, is deeper than I can remember it ever being at Oregon,” Canzano said on 750 The Game. “I think Dillon Gabriel’s going to be the starter. It’s hard to compare him to Bo Nix, because Bo Nix was so good, so accurate, and nothing seemed to be happening faster then Bo Nix wanted it to happen. Dillon Gabriel is good enough. He had a nice 50 yard completion to Evan Stewart, a transfer receiver, in the final two minutes. He threw a touchdown to Jay Harris late. I saw a lot of formations, a lot of motions. You could tell that Will Stein is very comfortable with Dillon Gabriel when he’s in the game.”

The backup quarterback situation is about as good as it’s been ever in Eugene. Canzano talked about new quarterback Dante Moore and also the other QB Austin Novosad.

“Dante Moore adds some depth,” said Canzano. “Very different kind of player. I think Moore has a bigger ceiling in a lot of ways than Gabriel does, but I think Gabriel is a little steadier. Austin Novosad appears to be in the mix as well as a potential number two here. A couple of big time throws.”

There appears to be three quarterbacks that the Ducks would feel comfortable with putting in the game. But does that make it the best quarterback room in the nation? Canzano can’t quite put the Ducks at the top.

“I don’t want to say it’s the best quarterback room in the country, because I think you’re always going to judge your quarterbacks by how good the starter is,” Canzano said. “I don’t think Dillon Gabriel is going to be the best starter in the country, but I think the depth of that room is better than just about anybody else in the country.”

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