We Are Going To Find Out If The Blazers Tank Was Worth It


The NBA playoffs are in full swing, but the Trail Blazers aren’t participating for the third consecutive season. But before the Mavericks host the Thunder at 12:30 p.m. we will find out if the tank job by the Portland Trail Blazers was worth it.

The NBA draft lottery will be at 12 noon on Sunday on ABC right before the game three of the Thunder and Mavericks.

There are a couple things for Blazers fans to look for during the lottery. The first will be who has the no. 14 overall pick. Trail Blazers fans need to root for the Warriors to get that pick. It’s very likely that the Warriors get the pick. In fact it’s a 96.63% chance that they do. But if the Warriors are announced to get the 14th pick. That pick will head to the Blazers as the Blazers own the Warriors first round pick, but the pick is top four protected. By rule the Warriors are only allowed to get the 14th pick or a pick in the top four based on their record. So if the Warriors get announced as having the 14th pick. Blazers fans get a quick victory.

The next pick for Blazers fans to pay attention to is the no. 8 pick. That is the lowest pick the Trail Blazers can receive. This will continue to happen for the rest of the draft lottery. The Blazers have a 50.01% chance at getting a top four pick in this draft and a 13.2% chance at the number one overall pick.

The Trail Blazers have participated in the Draft Lottery nine times. They have outperformed their odds three times in their history and the Blazers have underperformed their odds twice in the nine times they have been in the lottery. Hopefully the ping pong balls will be on the Trail Blazers side on Saturday and the tanking was worth it.

The NBA draft lottery is on Sunday May 12, 2024 at 12 noon on ABC.