Wrestler’s Fireball Attempt Goes Terribly Wrong, Burns Entire Body.


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Friday’s final hour brought one of the more cringe-worthy, can’t-look-away stories you’ll ever see.

A wrestler set himself on fire last weekend at an XPW wrestling event in Pomona, California.

The wrestler, known as Masada, had been trying to blow a fireball at his opponent using a flaming torch and a substance he poured into his mouth.

Instead, the 41-year-old caught on fire himself.

The video is rather harrowing, but you can watch it from TMZ here and on social media below.

“This poor guy,” Canzano said when talking about the fiery scene. “It’s just an unnecessary thing here. I’m watching the video of it. It’s like a knockoff wrestling event. This isn’t like WWE. The production value on this is not high.

“He successfully blows like one flame throw, and his second one goes awry. It looked like he spilled some of the (liquid) from his mouth and it spilled onto his chest, and that’s what burned.”

Eyewitnesses say that could smell burning flesh on the wrestler.

Masada was admitted to a burn unit to recover, and posted pictures to suggest that the recovery was going as well as you could expect.

“If you’re trying to blow a fireball, you better have somebody nearby with an extinguisher,” Canzano added. “Don’t do this. Bad idea.”

Watch the full video from TMZ here, if you choose.

Listen to the story and Canzano’s reaction at the 1:41:00 mark of Friday’s show below.

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