Trent Bray Is Happy With Spring Game, Talks QBs And Things To Work On


The Oregon State spring game has come and gone. There were some positives and some negatives, but at the end of the day how much can you really take away from the game? It’s not an end all to be all, but you can learn certain things about the team.

Head coach Trent Bray talked after the game about his general observations. Bray said there were a few new defensive players that made the most of their opportunities. Offensively the Beavers still have work to do.

“There was a lot of good work,” Bray said following the showcase. “Defensively we saw some guys fly around. Some new guys, Amarion York, Jaheim Patterson, made some really nice hits coming up and stopping the run which was great to see. Linebackers played well. Then offensively there were some good run stuff and we had a couple of opportunities to hit an explosive pass, we just got to convert on them. Overall, they stayed healthy, there was a lot of good work. I was happy.”

Bray talked about the quarterbacks in general. Idaho transfer Gevani McCoy took the first snaps followed by Marshfield High School graduate Dom Montiel, and lastly Missouri transfer Gabarri Johnson. Ben Gulbranson didn’t play because of an injury. It is thought that it’s a three player race between Gulbranson, McCoy, and Johnson.

“There were some throws that we had that we got to make,” Bray said. “I liked the way they made some plays with their legs which was good to see. The offense will slow down for them once they understand their reads a little bit better, it will naturally just help them play faster.”

What is the process of learning from the spring game? Bray talked about how they will take the information they learned in the spring and utilize it going forward.

“It’s really the details of how we do things,” he said. “The offense and the detail. We got a lot of film from the spring that they can now teach off of our guys doing it. So I think we’ll make big strides offensively especially with all of that work we got this spring and teaching as we prepare for fall camp.”

With Trent Bray being the brand new head coach. He was asked about what the biggest challenge of the spring was.

“I think it’s just (there’s) a lot of new guys,” Bray said. “A lot of new. Just kind of finding where everyone fits. What we’re doing. The understanding of how to practice. How we operate. All those things are being taught at this time. It was a challenge but they did a great job of learning and getting better as they went.”