Trail Blazers Reveal 2020-21 Season Court Design

Whenever the next NBA season starts, the Portland Trail Blazers will have another new court with some modern touches and a franchise first.

Last season, Portland honored the 50th season with a special court design, logo and more.

You can check out a video reveal of the court — narrated by Trail Blazers player Zach Collins — showing the brand-new design elements on a smaller scale. To virtually interact with the new court design, download the AR filter for Instagram or Snapchat.

The Changes

There are several updates from last year to this year. First, there is a lot of red on the court, but somehow not as much red as 2019-20.

For the first time in team history, the three-point line, the mid-court stripe and the hash marks at the coaches boxes are changing from black to red.

For the upcoming season, the Blazer’s logo from the 2017 rebrand returns to center court.

Next, the major changes in the key. The free throw circle is now clean wood (no paint) while the white paint down low changes to red.

The entire out of bounds area was red last year, and now it will be a split of red and black. The throwback font is gone on the two baselines and replaced with the font from the 2017 rebrand.

Instead of the “” and “@trailblazers” at the bench/coaches area, there are Toyota logos.

Also, the bottom of the court (in the picture) the court reads “rip city,oregon” in the old school font — replacing “rip city, est. 1970”. This space will continue to honor the names of long-time season ticket holders.

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