Oregon Ducks Must Do These Three Things To Beat Colorado


The Colorado circus is rolling into Eugene. After a 3-0 start that nobody saw coming, Colorado faces their toughest test yet as the Buffaloes battle the Oregon Ducks at Autzen Stadium.

John Canzano thinks that Oregon is the better team. But this is the type of game where college kids get a little oo excited and make mistakes on the field.

“Does Oregon walk into this game a little wide-eyed?,” Canzano asked on 750 The Game. “Meaning, you hear the reference of the people in the theatre that ‘the stage was too big for the play’. I’m wondering with Bo Nix, with this Oregon team, if they are going to play for a spot in Las Vegas, if they are going to be a team that sniffs around a College Football Playoff berth — this will not the type of stage that phases them. So keep an eye on the deer in a headlights look from Oregon. If you don’t see it early, you aren’t going to see it.”

The x’s and o’s vs. the Jimmy and Joe’s… Canzano thinks that is what it could be on Saturday. For Oregon, as long as Bo Nix can possess the ball and not turn the ball over, it won’t be much of a game.

“I think Oregon has the better players, right? I think Oregon has the better players on offense. The better players on defense. And one thing that Oregon has done very well up to this point is they have taken care of the ball. Keep an eye on the turnovers in this game. If Oregon doesn’t turn the ball over Oregon’s going to be just fine.”

The culture of Oregon has taken years to perfect. Colorado is in year one of changing the culture. Canzano thinks that if Oregon stays true to itself. It will be an easy win for the Ducks.

“I don’t want to see Oregon get away from who they are. What I mean by that is. You think about the strengths of what Oregon does. It is the run game with Bucky Irving. It is Bo Nix throwing the ball hurting you. Oregon doesn’t have to do something or anything outside of what it normally is. Outside of it’s persona so to speak on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Oregon just needs to be Oregon.”

Canzano gave his final opinion. He thinks that Oregon will be able to do these three things. And Oregon will move to 4-0.

“I think Oregon’s going to win this game. I think they are going to win comfortably. I’m picking Oregon to cover the 21 point spread and I think there’s a potential here that this is a springboard moment and his Heisman campaign.”

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