Miami Heat ‘Pretty Close’ To Offering What Blazers Want In Lillard Trade, Report

By 750 The Game Staff

Pat Riley wants Damian Lillard and he wants him badly.

Joe Cronin says it could take “months” to get a deal done.

The Oregonian’s Aaron Fentress made some comments on his podcast “Blazer Focused” that suggested while Portland and Miami are talking, there remains a ticking point or two.

“If the Blazers can come out of this with four first-round picks, at least one or two young talents, and then salary-filler, that should get it done,” Fentress said. “I’m told that right now, Miami has three firsts, Tyler Herro, filler and maybe a young player already [as their offer], like willing to go with that. The question is finding that fourth first-round pick.”

Tyler Herro is not considered a piece Portland wants in a deal, per multiple reports. Finding that fourth first-round pick, then, could come via a third team who also wants Herro on their roster.

“If you don’t want Herro, you just have to find someone to take Herro and give you another first-round pick,” said Fentress. “Then you’re at four firsts and at least one young player and salary filler, maybe even two young players.”

Fentress adds that a deal could be reached very shortly, but progress has slowed.

“I’m told it’s pretty close, they just have to figure it out,” he said. “They hadn’t really spent much time working it out over the last couple of days.”

Lillard turns 33 years old on Saturday.