Dan and the Danettes kicked around some intriguing poll questions this week on The Dan Patrick Show (Weekdays 6-9am on The GAME), and among them is this week’s DP Poll of the Week!

Kawhi Leonard of the LA Clippers has drawn national attention for his decision to sit out a randomly selected amount of regular season games this year, citing “load management”, a growing buzzword in NBA communities.  Leonard’s goal is to keep his body fresh and ready for a deep playoff run with the Clippers, which is fine enough, but comes at the expense of ticket-paying fans and millions of viewers on TV.

Meanwhile, fellow NBA stars like LeBron James with the Lakers, and of course our own Damian Lillard of the Blazers, are not following Leonard’s example with the load management technique.  But should they?   If it indeed is a strategy to ultimately win a championship, isn’t that something fans would support?  Or would you rather be certain you have a chance to watch your favorite star player in any given game?

We ask you to vote on this week’s Dan Patrick Poll of the Week!  What do you think load management is more of?  Should Dame be considering it?  Vote below, and for past DP Polls of the Week, click here!

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