College Gameday To Eugene A Possibility, Oregon Ducks Should Already Be Preparing For Coach Prime And The Buffaloes


The first two weeks of college football, Big Noon Kickoff on Fox was following the Colorado Buffaloes. This week, ESPN College Gameday is in Boulder for the Colorado vs Colorado State game. The next week will be the opening conference game for the Ducks and the Buffaloes. Is there a chance College Gameday could follow Colorado in back to back weeks?

John Canzano says that ESPN is in a unique situation, because this could be the last good time to go to a Colorado game.

“It could be the last time frankly,” Canzano said on 750 The Game. “After Week 3 where they host Colorado State, they will go to Eugene. Then they play USC. I do think those games are going to be sky high ratings. But I also think this could be your last chance in Week 4. ”

That makes the Week 3 games that much more important on the field for both Oregon and Colorado. If both of these teams are 3-0 and ranked in the top 20, it seems like a good chance that College Gameday is coming to Eugene.

Dan Lanning had a funny quote in the offseason asking what Colorado has won in the Pac-12 after it was announced that Colorado was leaving  for the Big 12. If College Gameday is in Eugene should Lanning continue to talk about Coach Prime and the Buffaloes?

“If you’re Dan Lanning you don’t want to get in to this big verbal sparring match with Coach Prime,” said Canzano. “You don’t want to make your soundbites try to go pound for pound with his. No. You want to make this about your offensive and defensive tackles. You want to make the game about yourself. You want to make the game about challenging your players. Saying this is just like the Texas Tech game and it’s an opportunity as a team to demonstrate that you can answer the bell.”

Even though Oregon has a game against Hawaii on Saturday the Ducks are 38-point favorites and should win the game easily. Next up is that Colorado game and Canzano says they will be ready.

“You better believe Oregon is focused on Colorado already even though Oregon has a home game against Hawaii. Oregon has a couple of staff members on their staff that do advanced scouting. They prepare game reports and scouting reports for the opposition in the Spring. I don’t know if you have the book on Colorado in the Spring, because they have so many new players at Colorado. Maybe that’s an advantage to the Buffaloes.”

There weren’t a lot of people that were predicting the matchup between Oregon and Colorado had the potential to be two undefeated teams. But that is very likely the case and the whole nation will be watching.

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