Betting Odds Say Brandon Miller To Portland Becoming More Realistic.


According to Draftkings on Thurs. June 15th, Scoot Henderson was +160 (an implied 38.46% chance) to be the second overall pick in the draft.

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By Friday, though, Henderson was -115 (an implied 53.49% chance) to be the second overall pick in the draft.

How things can change.

Brandon Miller, the freshman All-American from Alabama, was in Portland for a workout on Friday. The betting odds are starting to say that Miller may be the prospect available for the Blazers at No. 3 overall at June 22nd’s NBA Draft.

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Leading up to the draft there has been a lot of talk about Scoot Henderson and the Blazers. If the Trail Blazers are to use the third pick on a player, Scoot Henderson would make a lot of sense. A lot of the draft analysts love Henderson and say if it weren’t for Victor Wembanyama, he would be the first overall pick.

For the Trail Blazers, the thought of getting a talent like Scoot with the third pick seemed exciting. And the Charlotte Hornets, the owner of the second pick, already have LaMelo Ball playing the same position as Henderson.

Early in the draft process there was also a lot of talk about how the Hornets were in love with Brandon Miller. That almost seemed too good to be true for the Blazers — avoid the off-court questions about Miller and take a generational talent like Scoot without having to do anything.


But as we have learned being sports fans, there is also a reason why this news gets put out there. Somebody wants it out there. Could this have been a smokescreen by the Hornets? Have they loved Scoot Henderson the whole time?

With the odds shifting the way they have, it is time to imagine a scenario where Scoot Henderson is picked one spot ahead of Portland.

As of Friday Draftkings still has Miller as the favorite to be the second overall pick at -125 but he is also the -125 favorite to be the third overall pick.  Henderson is -115 for No. 2 and -105 for No. 3.

That would leave the Trail Blazers with a decision to make. Draft Brandon Miller at No. 3? Or trade it in a package for a win-now vet to help Dame?