Why Jim Harbaugh Will Be A Home Run For Justin Herbert and the Chargers


Justin Herbert has done it all in the NFL. Rookie of the Year, All Pro, big contract.

Everything – except win in the postseason.

Herbert is still one of the youngest and most talented quarterbacks in the NFL. But the lack of winning important games has started to raise a few questions about the 25 year old.

It’s hard to win the big games when you have a new head coach seemingly every year. In college, Herbert had three head coaches. In the NFL Herbert has had two head coaches and will be on his third this season. Luckily for Herbert his next head coach is Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh is coming off of a national championship at the University of Michigan and has won at every level he has coached at, including the NFL.

John Canzano (Afternoons 3-6 p.m.) talked about how the hiring of Harbaugh will affect Herbert. Canzano thinks this move is really going to unlock the best in the Ducks legend.

“When I look at (Justin) Herbert I think that the arrival of Jim Harbaugh with the Chargers benefits him more than anybody,” Canzano said Thursday on 750 The Game. “This was made for him, and in fact I think Jim Harbaugh took this job because he knew he had a guy at quarterback that he could lean in to.”

Canzano says Harbaugh wasn’t going to leave Michigan for just any job. He wanted a job where he didn’t have to worry about the quarterback and he could focus on everything else.

“The Chargers will not have to draft a quarterback,” said Canzano. “They can focus on other positions. Herbert has all the tools that Jim Harbaugh needs for him to be successful. I’m really excited to see what happens with the Chargers in the next two years.”

Coaching + talent = championships?

It may not be that easy of a math problem, but Canzano thinks this is by far the best situation Justin Herbert has been in since his college days at Oregon.

“It’s more about Harbaugh’s proof of performance and Herbert’s talent,” Canzano said. “I’m excited to see those things married. In a lot of ways I think Justin Herbert is getting the best head coach on any level that he has had. Apologies to Mark Helfrich, Willie Taggart, and Mario Cristobal. This is way better than anything he had in college. It’s better than anything he’s had in the pros. This is a home run for Justin Herbert.”

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