Why Ducks Fans Should Be Rooting For Jim Harbaugh To The Chargers


Justin Herbert has a 30-32 record in his NFL career. But we all know he is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league. Now that the Chargers need a new coach, Oregon fans who root for Herbert should also be rooting for a certain coach to get the gig.

That man is Jim Harbaugh. It is widely rumored that the Chargers want the Michigan Man as their next head coach.

John Canzano talked to Daniel Popper who covers the Chargers for The Athletic, and Popper made it sound as if the Chargers are wanting Harbaugh to be their next head coach.

“They’re five years into this move (to Los Angeles),” Popper said on 750 The Game. “I think the organization looked at this move with more of a broader view then most people and were like, after 10 years we want to have a place in the (Los Angeles) market. And five years in they have not been able to successfully to that. A big part of it has been they haven’t been able to win, and by hiring Jim Harbaugh you give yourself a good chance because you have a prominent coach in there who’s going to attract attention but also a guy who’s a proven winner.”

It would help Justin Herbert if Harbaugh became the coach and Ducks fans should be rooting for this move to happen.

“There’s some anti Jim Harbaugh sentiment out there,” Canzano said. “The guy’s a winner. I think from a selfish standpoint if you’re a Ducks fan, you’d be happy with Michigan losing it’s head coach.”

But not only as a fan of Herbert should Ducks fans be rooting for this move. Fans of the Oregon Ducks in 2024 should be rooting for this move as well. Canzano talked about why the Ducks should be rooting for Harbaugh to be hired by the Chargers.

“Is that not a double win for Oregon fans if Jim Harbaugh goes to the Chargers? Herbert gets Harbaugh and Michigan loses Harbaugh, and all of a sudden you’re an Oregon fan going ‘hey this trip to the Big 10 just got a little bit easier.”

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