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John Canzano (afternoons 3-6 p.m. on 750 The Game) joined Dan Patrick on Thursday morning to break down the latest on the University of Oregon exploring the possibility of joining the Big Ten Conference amid the instability in the Pac-12.

The Arizona Board of Regents is expected to meet Thursday evening, with a discussion of a possible move to the Big 12 Conference on the agenda.

But first, says Canzano, they’ll be watching what Oregon decides to do.

“What I was told was that the Arizona schools are really looking hard at the University of Oregon today,” Canzano told Patrick. “Oregon is expected to get a reduced share invitation to the Big Ten Conference, which could come as soon as this morning, mid-day today. We know that the Big Ten has opened that conversation internally. And I think there’s a lot of eyes on Oregon.

“Oregon appears to be the glue right now in the conference. Because the Arizona schools are saying that if Oregon chooses to stay in the Pac-12, there might be something there for the Arizona schools (to stay).”

“I was told a big part of this now hinges on the University of Oregon.”

Patrick asked Canzano about the role of Phil Knight’s involvement with the Ducks in determining their future.

“Oregon is such an interesting figure here, because they’re not like others,” Canzano said. “They’re not like the other Pac-12 schools. They’re not like a lot of the other universities nationally. They have thrived at a time when the other Pac-12 schools were underfunded because of Phil and Penny Knight.

“I reached out to Phil Knight earlier this week and the response I got back was that he wasn’t ready to talk because he was going to say something he might regret.”

That drew a laugh from Patrick, as the two seasoned interviewers agreed that would be the best time to give an on-the-record interview.

“I think the decision really comes down to the next 24-36 hours with the Oregon Ducks,” continued Canzano. “Will they decide that they’re better off not competing against Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State, and USC and UCLA in the Big Ten, and having an easier path to the playoff? Or will they take what everyone thinks is the future of college football and jump to a conference of 18 or 20 (teams)?”

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