Where Aidan Chiles And DJ Uiagalelei May Land After Entering The Transfer Portal


It’s very difficult to keep track of the transfer portal in college football. With the transfer portal officially opening this past Monday there were more the 500 players that hopped into the portal.

Thankfully, 247 sports national recruiting editor Brandon Huffman gave the important takeaways to John Canzano on 750 The Game.

Canzano asked Huffman what he is hearing about former Oregon State quarterback Aidan Chiles and if he will be following Jonathan Smith to Michigan State.

“I called my shot yesterday (Monday) that I think it’s going to be Michigan State,” said Huffman, “but make no mistake there’s going to be a market. If you’re Michigan State and you know you have to turn things around quickly, we saw it with the first two years with Mel Tucker there, we saw Michigan State definitely play the NIL game.”

Huffman says there is a huge market for a guy like Chiles because he has numerous years of eligibility left, something that Huffman thinks Chiles will take advantage of.

“If you’re in a case like Aidan Chiles or Dante Moore and you know you’re going to get two years of those guys you might have more value because you’ve got multiple years where you are part of that program,” Huffman said. “There is certainly a market, and there’s a reason Aidan is one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the portal already.”

One of the big transfer portal quarterbacks last season was DJ Uiagalelei who committed to Oregon State. Uiagalelei decided that he wants to test the portal again this season after leading Oregon State to an 8-4 record and a No. 19 ranking in the CFP. Huffman gave Canzano some information about Uiagalelei.

“There’s a lot of buzz about Florida State which would be pretty fascinating considering he left the ACC and at the time Clemson was the ACC champs when he left. Now he might be going back to the ACC to play at Florida State,” said Huffman.

The portal can be used in numerous ways. In the case of Aidan Chiles, a school is looking for a solution for multiple years. But Huffman says there is a huge market for guys like Uiagalelei who would be filling in for one year and would act as a bridge quarterback to the future.

“I think there’s going to be a market and it’s not a surprise that Florida State is involved there, because they may have some young guys like Luke Kromenhoek, their 2024 commit. DJ (Uiaglelei) allows them to not have to rush Luke Kromenhoek next year. It gives them an experienced guy. So keep an eye out on the Seminoles for D.J.”

The transfer portal has changed the game for college football. And there is no sign of slowing down.

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