Trade Talks For Damian Lillard Opening Up As Training Camp Approaches


The question for Rip City is what are the Blazers going to do with Damian Lillard? Last week there was the report that Lillard wouldn’t attend training camp with any team unless it was the Miami Heat or the Portland Trail Blazers.

Now on Monday, Marc Spears is reporting that the Blazers have had contact with other teams besides the Miami Heat including an Eastern conference team he doesn’t want to say yet.

“It’s one thing for a team to trade for a player that doesn’t want to be there, but to get a player that’s a top 75 player that is going to be professional, but will he really be a happy employee? Do you want to do that to Dame Lillard? That’s the biggest question. Who has the guts to do it as well? Would Boston do it? I’m kind of hearing rumors about another Eastern Conference team that I’m not gonna throw out there yet.”

Last week I thought it was Damian Lillard and agent Aaron Goodwin leaking news saying that Lillard will only report to Miami or Portland. Trying to cut off any interest another team could possibly have in trading for the Blazers all time leading scorer. Now on Monday I believe it’s the Blazers putting out the news that they are talking with numerous teams. The problem is, the Heat are one of a few teams that really fit Lillard’s timeline. I don’t believe either of the leaks. I think if Lillard is traded to any team he will report for that team, and I don’t believe that the Blazers have had conversations with numerous teams. It’s both teams posturing.

I do believe that the Blazers would like to have a solution to this problem before training camp starts on October 3rd. The market may not be big enough for the Blazers and they are trying to drive up the price on Lillard, but if Lillard is on the Blazers roster he is going to play. That’s when potential injury could happen and really big problem arise.