The Blazers Want Fans To Be Interested, Then Be Better On The Court


It’s been a tough three year stretch for the Trail Blazers and their fan base. Even when they had Damian Lillard, the Blazers tanked the past two seasons. And this year it was known from the get go that it wouldn’t be a year where they compete.

There seems to be less interest in the Trail Blazers than I can remember for a long time. But the Blazers are wondering why fans aren’t caring as much.

John Canzano on the Bald Faced Truth said the Trail Blazers asked him what they can do to get him more engaged on his show. Canzano says the stuff the Blazers have been trying isn’t working.

“When you ask me, what do we have to do to get me more engaged – I can tell you, it’s not giving out lip balm on fan appreciation night,” Canzano said on 750 The Game. “It’s not wearing fancier uniforms or having the Portland airport carpet uniform. I don’t care about those things.”

Then what does Canzano care about when it comes to the Blazers? His answer is very simple.

“I don’t care about the uniforms. I don’t care about the chalupas. I don’t care about the chap stick you’re giving out. I care if the team is winning and the fans are feeling like they are getting a fair market value for their tickets.”

Canzano explains why the fans are not very interested right now. And that this used to be a very proud franchise and needs to act that way once again.

“When you go out in a three year period, and you go we are good for like 81 wins in three years. No. That’s not enough. This is a franchise that should be embarrassed when they finish under .500.”

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