The Beavers Would Love A 12 Team CFP This Season


Oregon State is in a very unique situation. They are uncertain of what conference they will play in next season. But they are real good football team this season.

The Beavers control their destiny in getting to the College Football Playoff. This is the last season the CFP will be only four teams. Next season the amount of teams go up to 12.

Former Washington quarterback Brock Huard said that he wishes the CFP was expanded to 12 this season. Unlike past seasons, this season there is a lot of teams that really could consider themselves a contender to win the National Championship.

“I think this year’s fascinating in college football. If we had a 12 team playoff this year,” Huard told Colin Cowherd on FS1. “I think you would see the smallest betting lines between 1 vs. 12, 2 vs. 11, 3 vs. 10 that I can ever remember.”

Oregon State was No. 12 in last week’s AP poll before moving up to No. 11 on Sunday. If Huard’s dream came true and there was a 12 team playoff the Beavers would be in the CFP taking on the No. 1 seed Georgia. In the past the semi-finals of the CFP would be No.1 vs No. 4 and the point spreads were astronomical. All the way up to teams being a 13-point favorite. If there was a 12 team playoff Huard says that Oregon State wouldn’t be even that big of an underdog to the back-to-back champions.

“If #1 vs. #12, now that’s Georgia vs Oregon State. Is that a 30 point spread? No! In years past with Georgia and Bama they would have been 20, 30, 40 point spreads in the #1 vs. #12.”

That would be a dream come true for Beavers fans to be in the CFP. But the Beavers still have a legitimate shot of making it if they handle their business. We may not need a 12 team playoff to see how Oregon State matches up with Georgia.



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