The Battle For Season Tickets: Where do the Ducks and Beavers land?


It has been a while since Oregon and Oregon State entered a college football season with similar expectations on the field. DraftKings sportsbook lists the Ducks over/under win total at 9.5 and the Beavers at 8 for next season.

Do these expectations for on-field success also translate to season-ticket revenue growth?

John Canzano dug into some numbers across the conference including how Oregon and Oregon State are tracking on their season-ticket renewals as well as their new sales of season-tickets.

“I eventually found out that Oregon is at 86.6 percent renewal rate on season tickets,” Canzano reported. “That’s OK. But it’s a little bit on the low end of some of the teams that performed at the top of the conference. I would have expected them to be closer to 90 percent or 91 percent. Utah for example, told me they expect to be 95 percent renewal, which is crazy.”

Canzano pointed out that Oregon has done well selling new season tickets for next season, a total that nearly hits 3,400 to date.

Oregon State, conversely, comes in significantly lower in their new season ticket sales than the Ducks but are still tracking much further than their 2022 marks.

“Oregon State — they have sold 2,000 new season tickets,” Canzano said. “Not as many as Oregon. But I do think they are selling them at a higher price point because of the new West side of Reser Stadium.

“They added only 1,300 new season tickets all of last year. So they’re probably going to double on new season tickets this year which is really good as well.”

The Beavers season-ticket renewal rate is 90.3 percent, per Canzano.

We are still a few months away from the season and more season tickets are bound to be bought. But based on these numbers, both schools are going to be playing in front of good crowds.

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