‘SOFTY’ to Oregon Ducks Fans: “Shame On You” If You Root For Washington On Monday Night

750 The Game Staff

The Washington Huskies are playing for the national championship. That’s tough to swallow for many Oregon Ducks fans, whose team lost twice by a total of six points to their bitter rivals.

Husky superfan and Seattle sports radio host at 93.3 KJR Dave ‘SOFTY’ Mahler always shows up on John Canzano’s radio show on 750 The Game when the Huskies play the Ducks, but Friday he joined the show to bask in the glow of playing for a national title.

Some fans in the state of Oregon are conflicted with whether or not they can pull for the Huskies on Monday night to win it all. Is it worth pulling for the conference to win it all in its final season? How about winning to put the West Coast back on time and finally gain the national respect it deserves?

Softy’s response: If you’re a Ducks fans, don’t bother yourself with rooting for Washington.

“It’s good for me,” Mahler said on 750 The Game. “That’s all that matters, baby. It’s good for Softy. It’s good for us. I mean I was rooting hard against Oregon when they made the championship game, big time. I wanted nothing to do with Oregon winning a national championship. And I hope Oregon fans feel the same way. I mean, I don’t want Oregon fans rooting for Washington, and they don’t want me rooting for them.”

Softy says the Ducks-Huskies rivalry should exponentially raise the intensity as both programs head to the Big Ten Conference, and Ducks fans rooting for Washington win it all would diminish that.

“This is exactly the way it should be,” Softy continued. “Let’s carry this rivalry with us to the Big Ten. The nastiness, the animosity, the hatred, the history, of this rivalry between U Dub and Oregon, I don’t want this to die in the Big Ten. I don’t want U Dub to start becoming a rival of Nebraska or Penn State or Ohio State. I don’t want Oregon to do the same thing with Michigan. I want to carry this nastiness which I think is great for the game, it’s great for business, it’s great for sports. Let’s carry this to the Big Ten.

“So if you’re an Oregon fan and you’re rooting for Washington on Monday night, shame on you. And that’s coming from a Husky fan, by the way.”

Listen to the full interview with Dave SOFTY Mahler with John Canzano at the podcast below.

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