James Crepea of the Oregonian is reporting that Sam Poutasi, an offensive lineman who just completed his redshirt freshman season with the Ducks, is seeking $5 million in damages related to physical issues he alleges were caused by over-strenuous workouts.The suit alleges seeks compensation for his week-long hospitalization for rhabdomyolysis  that included “physical and emotional pain, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment of life, and diminishment of avocational abilities, in the past, present, and future.”

Crepea reports that Poutasi’s suit is similar to the one filed by Doug Brenner on Wednesday:

In an 16-page suit filed in Multnomah County circuit court on Thursday, Poutasi’s attorneys make nearly identical claims to those made by former Oregon offensive lineman Doug Brenner, who filed an $11.5 million suit for negligence against UO, Taggart, Oderinde and the NCAA on Wednesday. Like the claims made by Brenner, Poutasi claims UO was negligent for failing to prohibit, regulate or supervise the workouts, that Taggart and Oderinde, both now at Florida State, were negligent in imposing and conducting the workouts, and the NCAA has failed to regulate such practices by coaches at its member institutions.


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