Seattle Seahawks 2021 Schedule Released

The 2021 NFL season is officially here. There’s a lot to breakdown with the Seattle Seahawks schedule, before we get to that. Here’s the schedule:

Preseason Schedule

Official Date TBD (Aug. 13-16): @ Las Vegas Raiders

Official Date TBD (Aug. 20-23): vs. Denver Broncos

Aug. 28: vs. Los Angeles Chargers (and Justin Herbert)

Regular Season Schedule

Week 1, Sept. 12: @ Indianapolis Colts

Week 2, Sept. 19: vs. Tennessee Titans

Week 3, Sept. 26: @ Minnesota Vikings

Week 4, Oct. 3: @ San Francisco 49ers

Week 5, Oct. 7: (Thursday Night Football) vs. Los Angeles Rams

Week 6, Oct. 17: (Sunday Night Football) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 7, Oct. 25: (Monday Night Football) vs. New Orleans Saints

Week 8, Oct. 31: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 9: BYE WEEK

Week 10, Nov. 14: @ Green Bay Packers

Week 11, Nov. 21: vs. Arizona Cardinals

Week 12, Nov. 29: (Monday Night Football) @ Washington Football Team

Week 13, Dec. 5: (Sunday Night Football) vs. San Francisco 49ers

Week 14, Dec. 12: @ Houston Texans

Week 15, Dec. 19: @ Los Angeles Rams

Week 16, Dec. 26: vs. Chicago Bears

Week 17,  Jan. 2: vs. Detroit Lions

Week 18, Jan. 9: @ Arizona Cardinals

Important Notes

  • 17-game regular season means an unbalanced home and away schedule; Seattle has nine road and eight home games. The Seahawks will be home for two of their three preseason games.
  • Five Primetime Games: Week 5-7 Seattle is on primetime, and currently Week 12-13. However, the NFL can start flexing games starting with Week 7.
  • Seattle closes the season with Arizona instead of San Francisco. They had faced the Niners to end the season the last two years.
  • The Seahawks face (obviously) the NFC West twice and all four teams in the AFC South and NFC North.
  • Seattle also take on the other three NFC Division Champions including New Orleans (Week 7), Green Bay (Week 10), the Washington Football Team (Week 12).
  • The Steelers were the 17th team added to Seattle’s schedule when the new regular season format was announced; they battle on Sunday Night Football in Week 6.
  • Fun Quarterback matchups:
    • 2021 first overall pick Trevor Lawrence in Week 8 (Halloween),
    • Matthew Stafford as a Ram (Weeks 5 & 15),
    • Former divisional foe Jared Goff, but as a Lion (Week 17)
    • Potentially Justin Fields in Week 16 when the Bears visit,
    • New Orleans (as mentioned) without Drew Brees
  • 710 ESPN Seattle mentions that fans are expected to be allowed “in some capacity in 2021,” but we don’t know when it could happen.

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