Report: Trail Blazers Offered Bazemore/Whiteside for Kevin Love

The Portland Trail Blazers were linked to Kevin Love in the weeks ahead of the NBA trade deadline. The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd wrote in a listener Q&A that Portland made an offer for Love:

Q: Any insight on the best return the Cavs have been offered in a love trade since LeBron’s departure? Were any of them good enough for the Cavs to have wished they pulled the trigger in hindsight?

A: The only one that I know definitely equated to just a salary dump. Portland offered Bazemore and Whiteside, which essentially would’ve matched Kevin’s salary. But both of those are expiring contracts and the Cavs would’ve received no real assets in return.

If Bazemore was offered, that means that this took place before he was traded to Sacramento for Trevor Ariza. The rumors are that the Cavaliers were seeking a first-round pick for Love, while teams were requesting a first-rounder in order to absorb Love’s massive contract. No surprise a deal didn’t get done.