Reaction To Bo Nix At Oregon’s Pro Day In Eugene


Bo Nix may be a first round pick. That’s a sentence few said going into the 2023 college football season.

There are still questions regarding his arm strength and Nix is hoping to answer those questions with his pro day in Eugene that went down on Tuesday.

On3 Sports’ Jarrid Denney was in Eugene for Oregon’s pro day.


Tyson Alger of the 1-5 Corridor posted some videos of Nix showing off the arm strength.

NFL Network’s Omar Ruiz was there covering everything. Ruiz said Nix had some incredible throws off balance and on the move.

ESPN’s Field Yates said that you could feel all that Nix has done for the Oregon program while down in Eugene.

“They are speaking reverently about Bo Nix,” he told The Pat McAfee Show. “It’s so clear how much of an impact he has had on this program in just two years. Obviously he had a ton of impact on the field, but it sounds like from everything I have heard, Bo has kind of changed everything about Oregon football in terms of the culture and leadership – everything he’s brought to the table.”

Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network was watching Nix’s pro day and that while Nix’s arm strength isn’t his best attribute, it is good enough for the NFL.

“I think I’ve had a chance to see everything that I need to see,” Jeremiah said on NFL Network. “I think he has enough arm. I don’t think he has an overpowering, huge arm. We saw that next to (Michael) Penix. But he has enough to make every type of throw that you’re going to be asked to make at the next level.”

Jeremiah also said that there wasn’t much to prove for Nix because of all the experience he has.

“I don’t know that he has questions that need to be answered. I think you have a very clear picture of who he is.”

It seems more and more like the picture of Bo Nix will be one of a first round pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

To watch all of Bo Nix’s throws at his pro day. Click the link here.