The Green Bay Packers trailed for 59:58 on Monday Night Football, but Mason Crosby converted a 23-yard field goal with triple zeroes on the clock.

Detroit led 13-0 and 22-13 over the course of the game. However, they only scored one touchdown despite reaching the red zone three times. Matt Prater kicked, and made, five field goals for the Lions.

The Packers are almost never out of games with quarterback Aaron Rodgers at the helm. This time around, the Packers got a little help from the officials.

Green Bay got the ball with 6:46 to go in the fourth quarter. Rodgers and the Packer offense bled the clock down on a 14-play drive to kick the game-winning field goal.

However, on 3rd and 4, with under two minutes to go, Rodgers scrambled and threw a ball incomplete. The drive appeared to stall, except there was a little laundry on the field.

Lions defensive lineman Trey Flowers appeared to have his hand on the shoulder pads of Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari. However, the refs called Flowers for Illegal Hands to the Face. Five-yard penalty, automatic first down.

Here’s a look at the penalty called.

The Packers drive stayed alive, and four plays later Crosby kicked the walk-off 23-yard field goal to win 23-22. Green Bay moves to 5-1, while Detroit falls to 2-2-1.

Packers 23 – Lions 22

Here are the highlights from Monday Night Football:

1st Quarter

Kerryon Johnson 2-yd TD run, 10-0 Lions

2nd Quarter

Aaron Rodgers to Jamaal Williams 5-yd TD, 13-7 Lions

4th Quarter

Rodgers to Allen Lazard 35-yd TD, 22-20 Lions

Final Call: Packers win, 23-22 on Mason Crosby 23-yd FG as time expires

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