Why Pat Chun Leaving Washington State Was A Huge Betrayal To Cougars Fans


In the era of transfer portal and NIL. There are going to be instances where a player or coach leave their school and head to their rivals.

This has happened in the athletic director’s world as Washington State’s AD Pat Chun has left to take the same position at Washington.

The problem for Cougars fans is that Washington State is in a uncertain place in collegiate athletics. What conference are they going to settle in? How much longer can the Pac-2 survive? What tv station will have the Washington State football games?

So many questions and Chun was supposed to have the answers.

Ian Furness of KJR in Seattle joined the Bald Faced Truth with John Caznano to talk about the betrayal of Pat Chun.

Furness was asked if he and Washington State fans should feel betrayed by what Pat Chun did. Furness said there is no question that fans should feel betrayed.

“100%. It’s not even a question. In my mind and most, not all, Washington State fans feel very similar. There are a lot of jobs out there that this guy could have been up for. There’s a lot of jobs that would have come open anytime in the next calendar year. My conversations with him was I’m going to see this thing through. I’m going to get the tv media rights deal done. I’m going to see how the landscape changes. I’ve got kids in school. I don’t want to move them for the next two years.”

It’s the betrayal that Furness has a problem with. Chun said he was going to see things through till the end. But instead Chun left for a school and a President who sued Washington State a couple of months ago.

“There’s unfinished business at Washington State University and Oregon State, and if I’m a Beavers fan I’m not happy with this dipstick leaving either. This guy (Chun) went to a school that sued him and his school. So the woman (Washington President Ana Mari Cauce) that was at the forefront of that lawsuit interviews him and hires him! And he does that behind his President Kirk Schulz back!”

College sports has the rivalry of schools. And Washington is hated by Washington State. Furness says the timing was awful and Chun should have never left Washington State for Washington.

“There are jobs you just don’t take. Or if you do take them the timing is everything. In this case, this guy (Chun), the captain of the ship, jumped first, jumped in the one life boat and left. Everyone else is going down with the Titanic right now. While this guy stops at the island to have a cocktail.”

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