Oregon State Needs To Be Planning And Plotting Their Next Move


We were starting to see a game plan. Oregon State and Washington State would be joining the West Coast Conference for all sports besides baseball and football. And football would have an agreement with the Mountain West.

There are rumors that the CW is going to be the media partner for both schools in regard to football games outside of the Mountain West games. The NCAA tournament and the departing 10 schools of the Pac-12 have provided money for the Beavers and Cougars to survive until they figure out a permanent step.

Then something threw it off the road. Washington State athletic director decided he needed to take the open athletic director job at the University of Washington. Not only Washington State’s rival. But one of the schools that said they were done with the Pac-12. Now everything seems to have hit a road block.

John Canzano on the Bald Faced Truth was talking about what Oregon State should be thinking and doing. Canzano thinks the Beavers need to be proactive, and not let the college sports ecosystem decided for them.

“You got to be thinking of a proactive plan. Hope is not a strategy. If you are the Beavers you have to, on one hand yes hoping and rooting for some chaos in the ecosystem, the ACC, and the lawsuits. Maybe that shakes loose some schools that you can add to the Pac-12 and rebuild. But simultaneously you have to be focused on taking care of your own business. Taking care of strategy that you can control. And plotting a path to rebuild the Pac-12 alongside Washington State.”

Hope is great when you’re a fan. It is the thing in sports that keeps us as fans when our teams are having a tough time. Canzano says he hears the word hope thrown a lot around when it comes to Oregon State. Canzano thinks that’s fine. But the leaders of Oregon State can’t rely on hope.

“Not just in a way that’s, fingers crossed, let’s hope that Stanford and Cal become available. I hear a lot of that hope stuff. It’s ok if it’s coming from fans. And it’s ok if it’s coming from media members. But Oregon State’s leaders can not be sitting around hoping and wishing. They need to be planning and plotting.”

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