Oregon Ducks Have Second-Best Odds To Win The Big Ten in 2024

By Steven Vaughan, 750 The Game

Once a spring game takes place, it’s fair to start looking at odds and win totals for college football. Hawaii held their spring game this past Sunday. It seems early – but it happened. So I can now start looking ahead.

Odds are starting to roll out for next college football season, one that will have the Oregon Ducks in the Big Ten. It’s going to be a fun year, but also a year with a lot of expectations according to the betting odds.

Fanduel has released their odds for the Big Ten champion and Oregon is in second place right behind Ohio State. Ohio State is the favorite at +155, while the Ducks are right behind them at +250. The other former Pac-12 schools are much longer shots. USC has the fifth best odds at +2300. Washington has the seventh best odds at +5000. UCLA and new head coach DeShaun Foster have the 11th best odds at +9000.

Here are the full odds for the conference according to Fanduel.

  1.  Ohio State +155
  2. Oregon +250
  3. Michigan +460
  4. Penn St +600
  5. USC +2300
  6. Iowa +3500
  7. Washington +5000
  8. Maryland +5500
  9. Nebraska +7500
  10. Wisconsin +8000
  11. UCLA +9000
  12. Michigan St +13,000
  13. Illinois +13,000
  14. NW +15,000
  15. Minnesota +20,000
  16. Purdue +30,000
  17. Indiana +30,000

Betonline.ag has also put out their odds for the Big 10.

  1. Ohio State +130
  2. Oregon +225
  3. Michigan +500
  4. Penn State +600
  5. USC +1600
  6. Iowa +3300
  7. Maryland +5000
  8. Washington +5000
  9. Nebraska +7500
  10. Wisconsin +8000
  11. UCLA +8000
  12. Michigan State +12,500
  13. Illinois +12,500
  14. Northwestern +15,000
  15. Purdue +20,000
  16. Minnesota +20,000
  17. Indiana +25,000

There are some real long shots to win the conference. But in the Big Ten there haven’t been many dark horses that have won the conference with the powers of Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State in the conference. Now you add Oregon to that group and it may even be a bigger hill to climb for a long shot.

The sportsbooks are giving Oregon a real chance to win the Big Ten in their first year in the conference. There has been a lot of talk about how there will be an adjustment period for the Ducks joining the conference. Maybe there won’t be.