Can Oregon Win The Big Ten? “Of Course” Says CBS Sports Host Josh Pate


The move to the Big Ten for Oregon has a lot of questions. For people that haven’t been paying attention to Pac-12 football, they still think Oregon is the cute, soft, finesse team they have been in the past. But the Ducks have changed.

Heading to the Big Ten, the Ducks have a real chance to win the conference. But there are still questions from a lot of college football fans.

CBS Sports host Josh Pate on his YouTube show “The Late Kick with Josh Pate” says this Oregon team is big and as talented as anyone in the Big Ten.

“The lines of scrimmage will be amongst the best in the Big Ten,” said Pate. “Quarterback will be among the best in the Big Ten. They went and grabbed two 4-star corners from the portal. They got Evan Stewart at wide receiver from Texas A&M. How am I supposed to look at that and say ‘nope they can’t win the Big Ten.’ Of course they can.”

It’s not only that the Ducks can win the conference – Pate says this is a team that can win the national championship.

“They have the fourth best odds to win the national title this year. And they’re behind one Big Ten school (Ohio State). It’s Georgia. It’s Ohio State. It’s Texas and then it’s Oregon. Oregon has better national title odds than Bama, LSU, Ole Miss, Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame, and Florida State.”

But what is Dan Lanning’s biggest win? That is a fair question and some fans question if Lanning can coach x’s and o’s well enough to win on the biggest stages. Pate doesn’t have that concern.

“Some of you doubt Dan Lanning cause he hasn’t won the big one,” he continued. “That’s fine. All you can do is keep playing till you win one. I would also remind you that he’s been a head coach for about 30 minutes now. Still pretty young in his career. Not everyone that ended up being a title winning coach won it in his first or second year.”

Listen to the full segment about the Oregon Ducks by clicking here.