NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Going to One Site, Women’s Tournament Still TBD

By Matthew Zimmer

The NCAA announced, due to health and safety reasons, the 2021 men’s basketball tournament will be held at one location, while a decision on the women’s tournament is still to be determined.

So, to clarify, the men will play at one site, while it’s not decided for the women? That makes no sense.

In their press release, the Men’s Basketball Committee is in talks to have the 2021 tournament in Indianapolis — where the 2021 Final Four was already scheduled to take place.

The release cites “conducting the [men’s] championship at 13 preliminary round sites spread throughout the country would be very difficult to execute in the current pandemic environment.”

As for the women’s tournament, the discussion is still ongoing. Contingency plans include “reducing the number of first- and second-round sites” or following the men’s lead by hosting the tournament at one location.

What this statement tells me is the NCAA hasn’t been able to narrow down what city they can play the women’s tournament.

As it stands now, the Women’s Final Four is scheduled for San Antonio, but maybe the city can’t handle a full 64-team field that the NCAA says it “intends” to have for women’s basketball.

So, like most of this year, we go into “wait-and-see” mode for what happens officially with both tournaments.

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