Jeff Bezos – The Next Owner Of The Seahawks?


Jody Allen never felt like the owner of the Seahawks. She inherited the team after her brother, Paul Allen, passed away. But it seems soon that the Seahawks franchise will be up for sale.

With the Seahawks being one of the best run franchises in the NFL, the list is going to be long when Jody Allen finally puts the team up for sale. But could the next owner of the Seahawks be Jeff Bezos?

Mike Florio of NBC Sports and Pro Football Talk suggested that Bezos will be involved once the Seahawks are for sale after Bezos was among the bidders for the Washington Commanders, who were officially agreed to be sold this week to a different ownership group.

“I think he’s going to get in somewhere else, and Seattle is the most obvious candidate,” Florio said. “Jody Allen, the sister of the late Paul Allen, systematically selling off his massive estate. After May of 2024 if the team is sold, they avoid the obligation of 10 per cent of the proceeds flowing to the state of Washington. That’s one of the terms of the stadium deal that was done when they built their current venue.”

Florio gave his advice to Bezos on what he would do, saying the ownership situation in Seattle would be much more healthy than Washington.

“If I’m Bezos, why do I want to buy a team that requires so much work and so much effort on the way in? When I can buy a franchise that isn’t completely and totally dysfunctional. Maybe Bezos looks at this and says ‘Ok. For another 500 million or (1) billion. I’ll go to seven and I won’t have all these headaches.”

The Seahawks and the Blazers are under Jody Allen’s purview but both are in need of a new owner. If Bezos is to be the guy to pursue one of these franchises, it will undoubtedly provide a boost.



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