Why The RedTail Golf Course Property Would Be A “Crown Jewel” For Portland And Major League Baseball

750 The Game Staff

Reaction is pouring in to the latest news from the effort to bring Major League Baseball to Portland.

Our own John Canzano reported and the Portland Diamond Project since confirmed they are in negotiations with the City of Portland to acquire the 164 acres of RedTail Golf Course, with the goal of bringing a MLB expansion team to the site. Canzano reports the offer is in the range of $50-$55 Million and the property would become the largest sports and entertainment district in MLB history.

MLB to PDX Ready For Big Swing With $50 Million Offer to City of Portland For RedTail Golf Course Property

Jed Lowrie played 14 seasons in the big leagues with the Red Sox, A’s, Astros and Mets after growing up in Salem and playing college ball at Stanford. Lowrie called into Canzano (afternoons 3-6 p.m.) and said he had no doubts that Portland would be a great fit for MLB expansion.

“If you can’t tell, I’m a proud Oregonian,” Lowrie said on 750 The Game. “The idea of Major League baseball here – there couldn’t be a better fit. You think about the fanbase that exists here, the amount of people that love sports, the time of year when the season is happening. The rich history of baseball in Portland between the Rosebuds, Mavericks, the Fuji Athletic Club… I can’t think of a better place for a Major League franchise.”

Lowrie says the 164-acres at RedTail Golf Course fits the template of what MLB is looking for in an expansion site.

“I think it’s a great opportunity,” he said. “You think about the amount of land that is available over there. I think that’s really eye-catching to Major League Baseball.

“You look at the trend and the momentum behind these multi-use developments around the game. Even these urban ballparks, they’re buying up the land around them to enhance the gameday experience for fans. You can look at Atlanta, you can look at the Mets, you can look at Texas, you can look at Houston, the White Sox are looking at a big piece of property outside of downtown. Tampa Bay, they’re looking at a big piece of property right where they are now still in St. Pete.”

Why Getting The 164-Acre RedTail Golf Property Would Be Massive For MLB to PDX Effort

Lowrie said he envisions the RedTrail property becoming a special destination for Portlanders to go, and not just for the 81 home regular season baseball games.

“I view it as an opportunity to create this crown jewel property for Portland, for baseball, for entertainment. You could put ball fields, you could put trails, green spaces. It’s available to the public. Not a few golfers on a daily basis.”

As for how Major League Baseball will react to the Portland Diamond Project’s latest pitch, Lowrie expects it to be received favorably.

“They are very aware of this group,” Lowrie said. “They are very aware of the potential in this property. They are very intrigued by the market and what it would represent. I think about potential rivalries with Seattle. I think you would create new baseball fans just in that rivalry alone. Baseball thrives in those regional rivalries. For most people who aren’t from the northwest think that it’s one big happy family and I tell them wear a Ducks shirt to a game at UW, or show up to Autzen Stadium in a UW shirt and see how that goes for you.”

Canzano says he continues to hear a hesitance from fans to get their hopes up for a new big league team given the history of multiple previous efforts coming up short. He asked Lowrie if he thinks this news of attempting the RedTail purchase is reason to be hopeful again.

“A hundred per cent,” said Lowrie. “And I think it all starts with the real estate. If that comes to pass and the group has the opportunity to present that to Major League Baseball I think it puts this region in a really good position to get a team.”

Listen to the full interview with Jed Lowrie with John Canzano on the podcast below.

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