ESPN: Extra-inning, extra-runner rule to remain

ESPN is reporting that Major League Baseball is making permanent the rule that places a runner at second base to begin the 10th inning, and in every subsequent extra inning after that, until a winner is determined.

The rule has been in place for the last three seasons, and Commissioner Rob Manfred intimated all winter that the rule would return in 2023. The Joint Competition Committee r unanimously voted to memorialize the rule.

The league is also changing the rule which allows position players to take the mound when their teams are leading or trailing by six or more runs.

Under the new rules, leading teams have to be up by 10 or more runs in the ninth inning in order to let a position player pitch while trailing teams can use a position player anytime it’s down by eight or more runs.

Position players will also be allowed to pitch anytime in extra innings.