EA Sports is Returning to College Football

The last college football video game that was released, was back in 2013. Today, EA Sports vice president and general manager Daryl Holt, told ESPN that the game maker will be returning to the space with EA Sports College Football.

Holt mentioned that there is not a set date on when the video game will officially make its return, but stated that it will not be this year.

In order to make this game happen, EA Sports partnered with collegiate licensing company CLC, to ensure that it would have the FBS schools, traditions, uniforms, playbooks etc. ready to go for the game. There will reportedly be over 100 teams available in the game.

One of the major changes from the previous iterations of the game, will be the name of the game. From 1997 to 2014 the title NCAA Football was used, along with the year. Prior to that, it was College Football USA for two years, and during the first two years of the game’s existence it was known as Bill Walsh College Football. Holt confirmed that the reboot for the game will not be using the NCAA name, but will simply use EA Sports College Football.

Below, our friends at The Draft Network broke down some of the exciting college football players that we missed out on while the video game was no longer being released.


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