Draymond Green To Portland? Is Now The Time To Go For Him


Draymond Green seems to always have drama following him. The latest example — ‘The Stomp’ —   which earned Green an ejection in the fourth quarter of Golden State’s Game Two loss to Sacramento in their first round playoff series.

The NBA has suspended the future hall of famer for Game Three Thursday night. NBA Executive Vice President Joe Dumars said Green’s history of such actions factored into the league’s decision.

During training camp, Green punched teammate Jordan Poole in the face and the video was released. Add this suspension, and it is fair to wonder if the Warriors have had enough.

Green has a player option for next season, but John Canzano said on 750 The Game he spoke to someone who covers the team and an interesting scenario came up.

“There is a prevailing sentiment that the Warriors organization may just be fatigued with this,” Canzano said. “There is some thought in the fanbase probably, certainly media members that cover the team, that the Warriors may be playing the last postseason with Draymond Green.

“Do you think Portland would be interested in Draymond Green?”

Maybe they should be, depending on who you ask. Does Green’s on-court value still outweigh the headaches? Or will Green help another franchise in the same way he has helped bring four championships to Golden State.

Canzano doesn’t think he would.

“I don’t think it fits. Draymond’s got to have what? What does Draymond have to have? It’s not money. It’s not minutes. He’s got to have a focus. He is singular in his focus. Even if you don’t like him. You have to acknowledge this is a guy who likes to see a goal and chase the goal.”

Suffice to say, the Blazers and Warriors do not seem to be chasing the same goals.

Does that preclude Portland from keeping an eye on Green’s situation in Golden State? Or after the Gary Payton II fiasco, would the two teams even consider making a deal?

Green first needs to pick up his player-option for 2023-24. If he doesn’t, which would be a surprise, Portland could have a shot at him on the open market.

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