Debating Bo Nix as a Potential NFL Draft 1st-Round Pick


Bo Nix is going to be finally done with college football. Nix holds the record for most games started by a quarterback with 60. He will get 61 in the Fiesta Bowl against Liberty. But now Nix is going to be evaluated on the next level by the NFL. But does he have a first round grade?

ESPN’s Matt Miller was looking at the quarterbacks who could potentially be in the NFL draft for 2024. Miller says he was talking to a general manager. And the general manager thinks there are four. Maybe five that can go in the first round in Miller’s latest ESPN+ article.

“The general consensus is that four or perhaps five quarterbacks will get picked in the first round. Williams, Maye, McCarthy, Daniels … and Bo Nix does some nice things, too. I think you look at those five solidly,” said a general manager for a team potentially in the quarterback market.”

You look at Bo Nix’s stats and it would speak to the point that he could be a first round quarterback. 40 touchdowns to only 3 interceptions last season for the Heisman finalist. Miller says that he personally doesn’t have Nix as a first round pick though.

“I personally have four quarterbacks ranked in the top 20 overall: Williams, Maye, Daniels and McCarthy. Then I have second-round grades on Oregon’s Bo Nix and Washington’s Michael Penix Jr. before a drop-off to Tulane’s Michael Pratt (fourth-round grade).”

Even if Nix doesn’t hear his name called in the first round. Miller talked to an AFC South scout who thinks Nix wouldn’t have to wait long to hear his name.

“I think you could safely say four quarterbacks, with Nix in that Will Levis territory as an early Round 2 guy”

There is still a lot of time for Nix to improve his stock leading up to the April 25th NFL draft. And the way teams usually pick quarterbacks earlier then expected. There is a chance that Bo Nix could become Oregon’s next first round quarterback.

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