Damien Martinez Was The Get That Trent Bray Needed At Oregon State


In the world of the transfer portal, retention is key to success for a program like Oregon State. When Jonathan Smith left for Michigan State there were major questions about the roster for the Beavers.

Aidan Chiles, Jack Velling, and Tanner Miller all followed Smith to Michigan State. DJ Uiagalelei left for Florida State. Star receiver Silas Bolden left for Texas. It seemed as if everyone was leaving. The next question would be if Damien Martinez would enter the transfer portal.

It would make sense since Martinez ran for 1,185 yards and 9 touchdowns as a true sophomore. There would be suitors lining up for Martinez’s services if he decided to hit the portal.

Luckily for Oregon State and new head coach Trent Bray, Martinez decided to stay in Corvallis. John Canzano on the Bald Faced Truth talked about Martinez staying at Oregon State. Canzano says the fact that Martinez stayed signaled to the entire program that they can be OK heading into the unknown.

“Damien Martinez was a big get for Trent Bray,” Canzano said on 750 The Game. “Because if you really look at who’s available in the portal to a school like Oregon State being essentially relegated to a Mountain West conference schedule, having much of the country not know what’s going to happen. There’s just a lot of uncertainty. So I think one of the things that was really important for Trent Bray as a brand new head coach coming into a program that’s having the sands shifting beneath their feet was to have the retention of some of those players on the roster.”

Canzano gave credit to whoever made the move.

“To get Damien Martinez back – great. The role that was played by the collective? Awesome if they played a role. But Damien Martinez sounds committed to Oregon State.”

When a guy like Damien Martinez hits the portal all the big time schools line up. Canzano says had that happened it would have hurt Oregon State a lot. But since he stayed it’s a huge win for Trent Bray and his recruiters.

“If Damien Martinez gets in the portal he’s getting paid and he’s gone,” said Canzano. “He’s going to the SEC. He’s gone to the Big Ten. He’s gone somewhere because he’s proven he can play. I was a little surprised that he didn’t follow Jonathan Smith to Michigan State. I think it’s a big win for Trent Bray. Call that retention what it is. It’s the equivalent of grabbing a free agent, because you’re not going to do better than getting Damien Martinez back.”

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