Bo Nix Will Be A Steal For A NFL Team


Sometimes it’s best to ask someone who’s done it before.

That’s exactly what John Canzano did when he spoke with former Oregon cornerback Alex Molden about the NFL combine. Molden was a first round pick by the New Orleans Saints and experienced the combine first hand.

Molden would talk about the fit on a team and how important it can be. Molden said he never even talked to the Saints when they drafted him, and then said that fit is going to be important for a guy like Bo Nix.

“I think with quarterbacks that’s the biggest (importance) in terms of right fit. The right system. The right coaching. There’s not a whole bunch of quarterbacks that you can plug and play anywhere. But for him (Nix). It’s figuring out what’s the best offense and what’s the best coaching for him. I think he’s going to have a very successful and long career. ”

Bo Nix holds the college football record with 61 starts. That stat is something that Molden thinks will help him adjust on the next level.

“That means something. I’d much rather have someone like that. 61 games compared to someone who had a stupid crazy good year, but he only has 13 games (played). He showed the injury bug doesn’t affect him. Playing 60-something games. That’s crazy.”

Whether Nix goes in the first round or the second round. His resume of play was great in college and Molden thinks whoever drafts Nix is getting a steal at quarterback.

“Being durable. Being someone who played in the SEC and the Pac-12 and had success wherever he went. I think that means a lot. Whoever gets him (Nix). I think it’s going to be a steal for that team.”

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