Bezos-Seahawks Makes Sense. So Does Phil Knight-Blazers. Will Jody Allen Cooperate?


The reports of Jeff Bezos possibly being interested in buying the Seattle Seahawks sounds a positive for Seahawks fans. But would Bezos want both professional sports franchises included in the Paul G. Allen estate?

Regardless, John Canzano hopes that a sale of both franchises comes sooner, rather than later.

Said Canzano: “The real estate and yachts have been sold off. His art collection has been sold. The submarine was sold. For some reason Jody Allen is still holding on to the Seahawks, holding on to the Blazers.”

The Seahawks have an interesting provision in their contract with the City of Seattle. If the franchise is sold prior to May 1, 2024, the city collects a payment that equals 10 percent of the total sale. It’s widely believed that Allen is waiting to sell the NFL team to avoid that payment. Meanwhile, Nike co-founder Phil Knight and Dodgers co-owner Alan Smolinsky made a written $2 billion-plus offer to purchase the Blazers last summer.

Jody Allen immediately rebuffed the offer with a statement indicating the team isn’t for sale.

“The sports teams at some point are going to be the only thing left,” Canzano said. “I hope Phil Knight is in position to make a bid.”

Should that happen, would Allen play nice with Knight? Canzano is hesitant to think she would based on her remarks following Knight’s reported bid last June.

“The way that she postured and threw shade at him, made me think that she wasn’t interested in selling to him,” Canzano said. “Heaven help us.”

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