With The Move To The Big Ten, Oregon Needs To Recruit Bigger Bodies


With the 2023 college football season over fans need to get used to a lot of changes. The College Football Playoff is expanding to 12 teams next season. All eyes will be on the transfer portal to see where teams will change their rosters.

For Oregon, Washington, USC, and UCLA, their fans need to be prepared to play a Big 10 schedule next season. Going to a new conference means playing a different style of football.

In the National Championship game, Washington allowed 303 rushing yards to new conference rival Michigan, and was physically dominated at the line of scrimmage in a way we hadn’t seen all year in the Pac-12.

John Canzano was at the national championship game watching Michigan defeat Washington and Canzano was thinking how Oregon’s style of play is going to fit in the new Big Ten.

“I was thinking of the style of play, and even thought the Pac-12 got some teams that want to play more physical like Utah this season and Oregon State, it was the physicality was saw in that national championship game that was next level,” Canzano said on 750 The Game.

The good thing about Oregon is the recruiting power they have. Oregon has gotten a lot of bigger players that can fit in any conference. While they need more to play a Big Ten style, Canzano thinks Oregon can get the guys they need on their roster.

“Penn State’s going to have that,” continued Canzano.. “Ohio State’s going to have that. Oregon is going to need to be prepared for that, and I think Oregon will because there is one team in the conference that can recruit and recruit some bigger bodies, it’s Oregon.”

But the other three teams may have trouble in Canzano’s mind.

“If I’m Washington. Or I’m UCLA or even USC. I’m kind of looking at that game last night and saying ‘gosh, you have to make an adjustment with the kind of players you recruit.”

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