Why the Trail Blazers Should Have No Concerns About Brandon Miller’s Character


Brandon Miller was an All-American. He was on the number-one team in the country at Alabama. He’s now projected to be a top-three pick in next month’s NBA Draft.

But there is also some controversy with the talented freshman. Miller was at the scene of a shooting in Tuscaloosa on Jan. 15th that resulted in the death of 23-year-old Jamae Jonae-Harris. The gun used in the shooting was transported in Miller’s vehicle.

Miller was never charged, but he is a cooperating witness in the case.

There is potential that Miller could be available for the Blazers with the third overall pick, and on the court, he fits a need.

But John Canzano needed to find out more about the All-American.

Henry Barrera is the strength and conditioning coach of the Alabama basketball team, and he called in to 750 The Game to provide some insight on Miller’s character.

Canzano asked Barrera if there are any concerns about Miller heading into the pros. Should the Blazers – or any NBA team – have any reservations about taking him?

“Absolutely no concern at all,” Barerra answered.

“I’m a little biased — I believe he should be the number one pick in the draft. I know that people will call me crazy for that. I think what you’re getting is a proven, prudent player. He’s the full package. He’s a great human being. And he has the skill set to be a phenomenal player in the NBA.”

There is still a chance that Miller gets drafted second overall by the Hornets. But if Miller is available for the Blazers at no. 3, there has to be a long conversation about drafting the 20-year-old.

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