Fresh off his bike ride with the city of Portland, Bill Walton joined Bill Schonely at Terry Schrunk plaza on the afternoon of Sunday, August 25th, to reminisce on the ’77 Trail Blazers championship ride.

Walton praised what The Schonz means to Rip City, as the sixth original employee of the Portland Trail Blazers franchise, and said Portland needs a permanent commemoration of their original broadcaster.

“We need more Blazers in the [basketball] Hall of Fame,” Walton said.  “And what we really need is a big statue of Bill Schonely right in front of the plaza where we started today.  Build a statue, here we go!”

Hopefully Walton’s request will come to reality, because The Schonz has a unique connection to the Trail Blazers and its fans.  Where would you like to have a statue of The Mayor of Rip City?