The Trail Blazers have retired plenty of jersey numbers in the past, and debates remain whether they should do the same for Brandon Roy’s jersey number 7, among others.

Add to the debate the jersey number 12 for LaMarcus Aldridge, who announced Thursday his retirement from the NBA after 15 seasons, the first nine of which were spent with Portland.

Damian Lillard joined ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby on Thursday morning as the news about Aldridge broke on social media.  He gave his reaction, and added that he thinks it’s time for the Blazers to retire Aldridge’s number.


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“It’s time for the Blazers to retire number twelve, man,” Lillard said.  “He had an amazing career in a Trail Blazers uniform.  Everybody was expecting him to return, and he ended up leaving, and people felt some type of way about it.  But there’s no denying the kind of career he had in Portland, and what he meant to the city, so I think that’s the proper respect to retire that jersey, because of who he was and what he did for this organization.”

Do you agree with Dame?  Should the Blazers retire the jersey number 12?  Or did LaMarcus leave too much unfinished business to earn that honor?  Let us know on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook your thoughts.

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