Varying Opinions Abound On Bo Nix And Where He Lands In The NFL Draft


The Bo Nix draft story is fascinating. Everywhere you look, you get a different answer. Some experts think he is a first round pick. Some think he’s a second round pick. Some think he relates closer to Bailey Zappe. Others say he’s more Trevor Lawrence. It’s time to throw another opinion into the mix.

Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt recently said on the Joel Klatt Show that Nix should be a first round pick of the Broncos at No. 12, and that Klatt has Nix ranked as his No. 26 prospect in the NFL draft.

“Denver fits him like a glove,” Klatt said. “Sean Payton fits him like a glove. I was in Sean Payton’s offense. I know Bo Nix. I know how Bo Nix was taught. Will Stein, who was his offensive coordinator. He and I talked about Bo and he talked about how cerebral he was in nature in terms on knowing where to go with the ball. Knowing how to check protection. Knowing how to re-mike the protection so that you are protected and can get the ball down the field. This guy is NFL ready and I think Denver should draft him.”

Klatt loves himself some Bo Nix. And it makes sense. Nix was a Heisman candidate when he threw for 4,508 yards and 45 touchdowns in his senior season.

“His feet, his schematic acumen, his intelligence,” Klatt continued. “He’s off the charts as far as a leader goes. He’s accurate. The ball goes to the right spot. On time. Every time. All the time. They (Oregon) were so good and so hard to stop and it was because of Bo Nix.”

But not everyone is seeing Nix in the same light. CBS Sports put out six different mock drafts. From six different NFL experts and only one had Nix a first round pick. Chris Trapasso had Nix going to the Broncos at No. 15 which means the Broncos would have to trade back from Co. 12 to get that pick, or trade back into the first round.

Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright is locked in to what the Broncos are thinking. Allbright recently answered a question from a fan about Nix and the Broncos.

Albright says that a couple of months ago after the college football season that scouts had Bo Nix and Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. in the second round of the draft. And Albright says he doesn’t think that will change.

What does that mean for Nix? Nobody truly knows how the NFL scouts, GMs, and coaches feel about Nix. But what I do know is that Bo Nix has a very wide range in the NFL draft.

The first round of the draft is Thurs. April 25th.