The Mariners Have Some Expectations This Season

BY Steven Vaughan, 750 The Game

The Seattle Mariners made the playoffs for the first time since 2001 a season ago. Led by rookie of the year, Julio Rodriguez. Ryan Divish of The Seattle Times joined the Bald Faced Truth to preview the Mariners and the excitement around the team this season, “The excitement they have around this team right now is the highest I’ve ever seen it. And that’s all because of 2022 and what it meant. You make the postseason. You end the drought. You talk about doing it and you go and do it in a way that no only do you have a prodigy turn into a superstar in Julio Rodriguez. But what you seen from that team was that it can be sustained for a little while longer. That there is a window for success.

Ryan Divish said that they city was on fire last season and it has continued this year. But the goal is to be playing late in to the season, because there is nothing like late season baseball that matters, “There’s just something different about August and September baseball for a team that’s good because it’s every day,” Divish said the city has also embraced the team because the players are so likable, “These guys are really good dudes to be with. That makes is easy. They’re the least pretentious guys I’ve been around in my time covering. You know I’ve covered some real jerks in my time, and these guys aren’t it.”

Off the field the guys are nice, but on the field, Divish says the Mariners have tons of depth especially in the pitching staff, “I think they have one of the better rotations in baseball. I know it’s one of the best in the American League. They’re first four guys, Luis Castillo, Robbie Ray, Logan Gilbert, and George Kirby are power arms they get strikeouts. They really carried the team last year.”

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