The Last Dance Reactions Ep. 3 & 4: McCollum, Rome, NBA Analysts & Stars

After the sports world got a fix of “live sports” with the NFL Draft Thursday-Saturday, people were excited to have another two episodes of ESPN’s Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance.

Episode three focused on Dennis Rodman, while episode four shed light on Phil Jackson.

The most anticipated aspect of the Rodman episode was a story centered around the Bulls big man wanting “a vacation” when Scottie Pippen returned from injury. Rodman was given 48 hours.

In the documentary, it appears that Jordan went all the way to Las Vegas to retrieve Rodman after he missed returning in 48 hours.

However, that wasn’t the truth. Despite the way Director Jason Hehir portrays the events in the doc, apparently he needed to clarify a few things Monday morning. Jordan did NOT go all the way to Las Vegas to get Rodman.

One thing remains true however, Rodman was important enough that Jordan probably would have gone to Vegas to fetch the big guy.

During Sunday’s episodes, Jordan’s battles with the Detroit Pistons was documented, along with MJ’s hate for the “Bad Boys”.

Here’s that reaction…

During the Phil Jackson episode, we got to see a different side of the legendary coach. Charley Rosen, who co-wrote Maverick with Jackson, talked about Jackson’s admission to taking acid and “thinking he was a lion roaring up and down the beach in LA. Phil was like a hippie.”

There are several things that made Jackson a successful coach, but one of the biggest is probably is ability to relate to and accept his players for who they were. He didn’t try to change them.

After the Phil Jackson episode, Sportscenter with Scott Van Pelt helped illustrate just how good the 13-time NBA Champion (two as a player, 11 as a coach) really was coaching the Bulls and Lakers.

Episodes five and six premiere on Sunday, May 3 at 6 and 7 p.m. PT.

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