A Yahoo! Sports report Tuesday says the Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard will agree to a four-year, $191 Million supermax contract extension this off-season, once Lillard is officially named to one of the All-NBA teams.

Scottie Pippen, ESPN analyst on The Jump with Rachel Nichols, took a critical eye to the reported Blazers supermax offer for their All-NBA point guard.

“I don’t think right now is the time for it,” Pippen said on Tuesday’s show.  “I think if they have a couple of years to wait, I would wait.”

Lillard is eligible to receive a supermax offer from the Blazers once he is inevitably named to one of the All-NBA teams.  One could also argue he is cutting the Blazers a deal by accepting a supermax deal now as opposed to a year from now, as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst notes:

“…Lillard has the option of waiting a season because he will now be eligible to sign a supermax in the summer of 2020 as well. At that time, he’d be in position to add five years and $247 million to his deal to create a six-year, $277 million deal that would project to be the richest in NBA history.”

That’s right.  Lillard could in theory make an extra $56 Million if he signed a supermax in the summer of 2020 as opposed to this summer.  But with Yahoo!’s report, it seems Dame is ready to jump at the super max right now, providing clarity to one of the Blazers contract dominos.

Watch here as Pippen fully lays out his thoughts on the timing of the Trail Blazers supermax offer to Lillard.

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