Russell Wilson Cooks, Seahawks Goal Line Stand Stuffs Cam; Seattle Beats Pats 35-30

By Matthew Zimmer

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating, Russell Wilson has never received a vote for the NFL Most Valuable Player award. Read that again, it’s not that he hasn’t won the award. He hasn’t even received ONE VOTE.

2020 should finally be the year where Wilson gets a vote, and moreover he might win the whole damn thing.

In Week 1, he was lights out: 31-of-35 passing, 322 yards, 4 passing touchdowns, no interceptions. Wilson also led the Seahawks in rushing (29 yards on three carries) against Atlanta.

Sunday night, he was incredible facing Bill Belichick and the Patriots defense. Wilson finished 21-of-28 passing, 288 yards, 5 passing TDs, 1 INT (which wasn’t his fault, here’s your proof.). He also finished with 39 yards on the ground, behind only Chris Carson’s 72 rushing yards.

So, to put that together for you… Wilson is 52-of-63 (82.5%) for 610 yards with nine touchdown passes and 68 yards rushing on eight carries.

The mantra “Let Russ Cook” is working for the Seahawks and it really makes you wonder why they waited until year No. 9 to let Wilson do his thing.

If he isn’t your MVP through two games, please tell me who is. Last year, Lamar Jackson smoked a so-so Miami team and everyone loved him for the rest of 2019. Wilson deserves the same credit, if not more so because he lit up the Patriots.

Seahawks-Patriots Recap

Wilson has played in 34 games in primetime, and after last night’s game he’s 26-7-1. On top of that, Wilson is now 3-0 in regular season games against New England.

As we’ve laid out, Wilson was dominant, but in case you missed the highlights (or you don’t believe me), watch the videos below.

Threading the needle to Tyler Lockett.

DK Metcalf also deserves credit for his ridiculously strong hands.

David Moore’s footwork is incredible here, but Wilson’s pass placement is just perfect.

TD #4 was easier. Also, shoutout Freddie Swain for his first NFL TD.

Despite the dazzling offensive performance from Wilson, the Seahawks still weren’t out of the woods. Cam Newton and the Patriots played well, too.

The former NFL MVP threw for 397 yards, a TD and an INT, while also leading NE on the ground with 47 yards on 11 carries and two rushing TDs.

But he needed a third running score to beat the Seahawks. Spoiler alert, he wouldn’t get it.

Sunday night was one of the best games you’ll see between two really good teams. Honestly, it might be the best game of 2020 and it’s only Week 2. I’m not even a Seahawks fan, and I feel that way.

Russell Wilson is easily my frontrunner for NFL MVP. The Seahawks are putting together an impressive start to 2020, and if they can stay healthy (unlike much of the NFL) Seattle could be the NFC Champion.

If you told me right now, I could have Super Bowl 55 be Kansas City versus the Seahawks I would say sign me up RIGHT NOW. And I’m a Denver Broncos fan, so take that for what it’s worth.

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