Pac-12 Latest Revenue Information Released

The Pac-12 reported $530.4 million, an average of $32.2 million per school, for fiscal year 2019.

Jon Wilner, Bay Area News Group, reports the revenue came from three primary areas; Media Rights ($351.3 mil); Football Postseason ($114.4 mil); and NCAA funds/conference events ($38.1 mil). Overall, Wilner says that equates to about 6.7 percent more than FY18.

However, Wilner notes:

The figure for FY18 was low because of the Rose Bowl’s position as a College Football Playoff semifinal host.

In years the Rose Bowl hosts a semifinal, the Pac-12 is unable to collect its $40 million paycheck from participating in the Granddaddy, causing both overall revenue and campus payouts to drop.

To offset that ebb, the Pac-12 withholds a portion of the Rose Bowl revenue from its membership in two out of every three years.

It then uses those reserves to offset the dip in the third year, when the Rose Bowl hosts a semifinal.

With that in mind, Wilner says the best comparison for FY19 is FY17 where the Pac-12 reported $509.4 million. FY19 is a 4.1 percent increase compared to FY17.

USA Today reports the Power Five conferences had more than $2.9 billion in combined revenue for FY19, according to federal tax records.

The conference FY19 breakdown totals looked like this:

  • Big Ten – $781.5 mil
  • Big 12 – $439 mil
  • SEC – $720.6 mil (reported in Jan.)
  • Pac-12 – $530.4 mil
  • ACC – $455.4 mil

The breakdown “by school” varied for a few conferences. The SEC schools received about $45.3 mil per school, except for Mississippi because the football team was banned from postseason play. Below is the link to the USA Today article and the conference per-school breakdowns.

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