Pac-12 Dropped the Ball; Oregon, California Governors Say Door has been Open for CFB

The Big Ten announced a plan to return to college football and rapid-response testing for COVID-19 this week. Now, there’s only one Power Five Conference left not planning to play football: the Pac-12.

Obviously, the pandemic continues to rage on, and now wildfires have run rampant the last few weeks. However, when it comes to COVID-19, the Pac-12 announced rapid-response testing weeks before the Big Ten did.

So, what stopped the Pac-12 from acting sooner?

Our own John Canzano answers, Larry Scott.

On Wednesday, Oregon governor Kate Brown opened the door for Oregon and Oregon State to return to play, but there’s still work to be done from the Pac-12.

Brown’s spokesperson, Charles Boyle, put it plainly on Wednesday, “Let me stress that, up to this point, we have received no written operating procedures for approval from the Pac-12 for the upcoming season, and we have no details from the conference about their new rapid testing proposal. Until we have those details, we can’t move forward in the process.” Full statement at the bottom of this post.

Meanwhile, California governor Gavin Newsom denied he was standing in the way of Pac-12 football returning.

So, the Big Ten will start football in just over a month (Oct. 23/24). If they play, when will the Pac-12 begin? We don’t know.

Forgetting the pandemic for a moment, what about player readiness? Well, Yahoo Sports Pete Thamel says some schools haven’t been working out or lifting for weeks. Canzano’s sources think players could be ready sooner than Thamel’s sources.

For other Pac-12 teams, specifically USC and UCLA, they also received approval to start preparing for a season once the conference decides to return to action.

Full statement from Charles Boyle.

Full statement from Gavin Newsom

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